Visual storytelling with a call to action for social change

The three pillars of our work are:


We make documentaries, photo exhibitions and educational materials. We develop this audio-visual art to raise awareness on human rights issues and social injustice. We also collaborate with other human rights organisations by providing visual storytelling for them.

Photo by: Elisabeth Lanz


We use the audiovisual art we create to reach out, connect and change.

We aim to create awareness and knowledge about human rights violations, inequality and injustice by telling personal stories to illustrate often complex international relations and historical events.

We organise film screenings and debates to engage with diverse audiences worldwide and develop outreach campaigns to reach those who are key to change.

We also lead storytelling workshops to give a new generation of activists and artists the tools to work safely and effectively.


In our work, we meet inspiring, powerful survivors of human rights violations, human rights defenders and threatened artists working in the field of human rights. We support some of those individuals who have deeply inspired us. Sometimes financially, sometimes by using our network and often by working together. 

Standing up for human rights will always be necessary. The work we do is never finished, which is why we also focus on the young generation of makers and activists and help them develop their professional skills.

Photo by: Visual Rebellion