Visual Rebellion

Visual Rebellion

Visual Rebellion is a collective of creators for creators initiated to support  Burmese journalists, photographers, filmmakers and artists in the aftermath of the February 1st, 2021 coup d’État.

The creative and media communities are particularly persecuted and have been forced underground to avoid arrest. Visual Rebellion believes that free thought and expression are powerful weapons against the submission and oppression the military regime is trying to impose on people. As a war on information and ideology is raging in the country, the aim is to provide Burmese creators with the necessary resources to keep producing high-value verified content on what is happening in Myanmar.

Human Rights in the Picture is proud to be the co-founder of this collective and to be part of this inspiring collaboration. Follow and support the collective via the website: and the socials.

All credits for photos, arts and design go to members of the Visual Rebellion Collective. Their identities have to stay hidden for obvious security reasons.

If you are interested in screening one of our films, please send a request to There is no fee for students, NGOs and activists.