Behind the Numbers

Year of Production:



Andy Funnell 

Nadja Houben & Hivos


Human Rights in the Picture


Behind The Numbers raises the issue of socioeconomic exclusion of LGBTIQ+ persons. The film tells the stories of an intersex person from Zimbabwe, a lesbian couple from Bangkok, and a trans woman from the Netherlands who all run into the same heteronormative obstacles, but for different reasons. 

Made for the #FreetobeMe program of Hivos by Human Rights in the Picture, three local film teams from Zimbabwe, The Netherlands and Thailand and director Andy Funnell.

This film is suitable for screenings at schools, universities, NGO meetings and meetings at companies to discuss the issue of socioeconmic inclusion of LGBTIQ+ persons.

If you are interested in screening one of our films, please send a request to There is no fee for students, NGOs and activists.