Resilience & Solidarity Program

Meet Stephen

Stephen’s Story

Stephen is a dedicated filmmaker and photographer from Myanmar. He was forced to flee from his country after the military coup, leaving all his equipment behind. We believe that Stephen’s work is of significant importance and value with his films and photos about the political landscape and historical moments of his country. His storytelling about the coup d’état and the current situation in Myanmar can educate many inside and outside Myanmar. We started a GoFundMeCampaign to raise funds for Stephen to buy a new film camera to continue his work as a filmmaker and spread the news about Myanmar’s current conflict.

Myanmar // A Visual Guide to the Spring Revolution

This photobook captures the journey through pictures, cartoons and texts by our team of reporters of Myanmar before, during and since the coup d’Etat. It allows the international audience to comprehend the happenings in Myanmar since the elections, as well as discover the complexity and diversity of the country.

The photobook costs 15 euros. 
 If you’re interested in purchasing the photobook, please send a request to