Resilience & solidarity program

Meet Paola

Paola’s Story 

We met Paola when we were shooting our 2019 film m/f/x in Honduras. She suffered horrific violence and discrimination as a trans woman in Honduras. Amazingly cheerful, strong and with an inspiring lust for life she touched the film team deeply.
The threats to her life continued to a point she had to flee her country. With the help of several NGOs and the Netherlands Embassy in Madrid she could settle down in Madrid, Spain.

In December 2020, we organised a crowdfunding to help Paola finance her studies, find work and stabilise her life in Madrid. We raised 3,265 euros and built a safety net of people to help Paola with practical day-to-day matters. In 2022 she was eventually granted asylum in Spain and managed to get a stable job as a result of the Work Place Pride campaign by the Dutch Embassy in Madrid.

The GoFundMe campaign for Paola remains open as she builds up her new life and continues to support other LGBTIQ+ refugees in Spain.

Thank you for every donation, big or small!