Integrity Policy

Integrity and anti-fraud code Human Rights in the Picture

Human Rights in the Picture is a Dutch Foundation that works to promote respect for human rights through art, film, new media and education. The starting point of our work is Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: ‘All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights’. It is in this spirit that we do our work.

When working to promote respect for human rights it is clear that all involved in working under the flag of Human Rights in the Picture have to maintain the highest standards of work ethics. Therefore, the board, the advisory board, all staff (including the director, interns, volunteers) and consultants/others under contract by the foundation are made aware of our Integrity and antifraud code and have to commit to it.

The code reads as follows:

Article 1

Integrity in an organisation means being open and respectful towards one another, avoiding deception and that the director & management set good examples through exemplary conduct.

Article 2

Anyone working with Human Rights in the Picture has to abide by the Dutch law and bears responsibility for doing so.

Article 3

Work performed in the countries in which we operate must be carried out with respect for the local culture, structures, laws and customs, as long as these are not in contradiction with international human rights norms, humanitarian law or Human Rights in the Picture values. All those working with Human Rights in the Picture shall at all times act in a manner that shall enhance the reputation and wellbeing of the foundation.

Article 4

The annual accounts of the organisation are drawn up every year, checked and signed by the board and kept together with all other essential documents of the organisation at the office with digital copies. The cash flows and assets of the organisation are fully transparent.

Article 5

We have a policy of zero tolerance of fraud and corruption, and we require all those working with Human Rights in the Picture at all times to act honestly and with integrity, and to safeguard the assets for which they are responsible.

We are a small foundation that works as a networking organization. Therefore we work with many independently working artists, translators, editors and others from all over the world, often digitally. We will not see or know all these people personally but we will communicate to them that we work mainly with grants coming from public money and that we take the most serious view of any actual or attempted act of fraud or corruption by anyone working with us.

Article 6

Human Rights in the Picture has appointed the chair of the Advisory Board, Professor Cees Flinterman, as the Integrity Person for all issues related to integrity and fraud. He can be reached at and will deal with all matters in confidence.